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Mesh Fasbric BO-TUFF 11 x 11 Suitable for use where a durable, weather-resistant open weave fabric is required.
Can't decide which fabric you need? Order our sample packet which includes swatches of each product. We ship our samples via FedEX or UPS. When ordering a sample, please provide a physical shipping address, as we cannot ship to a P.O. Box.
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  Textile Products
  Bo-Loc 1000 7 X 5
  Bo-Loc 10 X 5 (1053)
  Bo-Lite 4 x 5
  Bo-Lite 7 x 5
  Bo-Lite 9 X 8
  Bo-Lite 10 x 9
  Bo-Lite 11 x 10
  Bo-Vue 7 X 6
  Bo-Vue 9 X 9
  Bo-Tuff 9 x 9
  Bo-Tuff 10 x 10
  Bo-Tuff 11 x 11
  Bo-Tuff 1300 Mesh 9x9
  Bo-Tuff 1300 Mesh 11x11
  Multi-Mesh 11 X 11
  Bo-Mark Fabric Fence
  Liberty Mesh
  Liberty Fabric Fence
Textile Manufacturer
Bo-Tuff fabrics are plain weave, open mesh fabrics comprised of 27% high tenacity polyester yarn and 73% flexible PVC coating and feature high strength with light weight.
Suitable for use where a durable, weather-resistant open weave fabric is required.
Truck Covers
Awning Liners
Shopping Bags
Indoor Tennis Court Dividers
9 x 9
10 x 10
11 x 11
Characteristics 11 x 11 ends/inch
Coating: Flexible PVC (73%)
Core Yarn: 1000 denier Polyester (27%)
Fabric Weight: ASTM D 3776, Opt. C 9 oz/ sq yd
Tensile Strength: (ASTM D-1682) - Warp: 168 lbs/inch minimum
Grab - Fill: 168 lbs/inch minimum
Tear Strength: (ASTM D-5034 Grab) - Warp: 85 lbs
Fill: 85 lbs
Mullen Burst Strength: (ASTM D-3786) - 350 psi
Fire Retardancy: As required.
Shade:: Approximately 55%
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